Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The xBetas Office 2003 All-In-One ISO

For anyone else who is using the xBetas Office 2003 AIO ISO for Office 2003 and trying to use the Managed Extensions, don't bother...they just aren't there.

It happened awhile ago, I found the ISO on eMule because I couldn't find my 5CD official set. Turns out, it was on a backup I mistakenly killed. Oh well. I have this little program that scans messages in my outlook mailboxes for certain messages, and finds a certain link in them, and fires off a browser window to go to the site. Someone may know of an "online email offers based program" that sounds like this. SHUT UP...this works well for me :) Anyway, I was getting errors in the Office Interop (actually, it was a FileNotFound on the Office11 COM Interop Module. I went through a ton of shit to try and fix it, from completely uninstalling/reinstalling visual studio, the .net framework, you name it. I finally gave up last night and started redownloading the official ISOs. Yeah, over a gigabyte of shit to download, what I was tryin to avoid.

So I decide to just repair the installation, and it doesn't fix it. I got worried because the office folder had a LOT more files in it. I uninstalled the whole mess and reinstalled. Voila, my "Scanning" application works again! Yippee!

Just a note. Don't trust ISO repacks like this. I can't get ahold of anyone on the xBetas team to let them know of the problem, so I'm kinda fucked to help them out on this one. The official corp isos of the program work great. There is a price for the convenience of having 5 cd's on one of them :(


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