Sunday, July 03, 2005


"Anime News Network is reporting that Cartoon network will be airing All of Neon Genesis Evangelon."

I'ts's ALL over. What's next? They're gonna ruin arguably one of the best anime series of all time. I can only imagine the's going to be terrible. If they cast Richard Cox (Ranma, Inuyasha, countless other bad vocals) for ANYTHING (well, maybe Toji...he was a moron anyway) I am going to CTN HQ with a very large gun.

The cuts for language, nudity, and content are going to be substantial, as well as cutting out EVERY religious undertone in the series. And just how are they going to handle the concept of soldiers shooting children execution style in the movies? Or better yet, how are they gonna handle the way Shinji crushes Kaoru in Unit 01's hands (I mean, c'mon, we see his head drop into the LCL) in Terminal Dogma? How are they gonna handle the implied shounen-ai between those two? Or the relationship between Maya and Ritsuko? How about the angel's continues mind-raping of Asuka? I can't even list them all. Some things may be safe, given they can openly deal with prostitution in paranoia agent on AS, but still...nudity and cold blooded killing are still taboo on american TV.

This is like building a preschool on the train tracks just to watch the crashes. Fuck you (again) cartoon network. Just air the fucking things uncut, subtitled, at 2 in the morning and nobody will complain.


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