Saturday, July 02, 2005

Naruto 141

I should have posted this on Thursday after I watched it. Wow...disappointment just ABOUNDS with that show lately. The sub quality was good as usual, only a few minor problems (which is to be expected from speedsubber groups) none of which bother me, or distract the storyline. Another good job by DB Fansubs, ii da naa, omaetachi :)

Basic overview: they all run into Arashi, lots of pointless powering and talking (shit this is startin to sound like dbz...) and finally Naruto *almost* gets killed (what else is new, this happens every ep almost) by being squished by Arashi, Sakura just cries alot, Sasame watches Arashi die (maybe), they talk to the Fuuma idiots, they go home. More talking, a hint of Sakura maybe defining a purpose outside of a source of angst (see below) and the credits.

So, most everyone is expecting Sakura to actually DO something useful by now...she doesn't, sorry everyone who doesn't wanna just see her smack Naruto up. Naruto almost get squeezed to death in some kinda weird jutsu, and she just sits there in an internal monologue wondering why she can't do anything!!! Only when she starts sulking about her uselessness in front of everyone does Naruto tell her that apparently her only usefullness is to give him courage...I just find that kinda funny...she's only useful because Naruto wants to poke her. If she wanted to help I can think of something else she oughtta give him...*evil grin* On the upside tho, it looks like Sakura is gonna become Tsunade's student. Given the conversation between Tsunade and Shikamaru in the previous scene, she might end up as some kind of prototype medical ninja.

I personally think she oughtta be a something more useful than fanservice, but I can't really have much sway over the legions of idiot otaku that just wanna stare at prepubescent eye candy for an entire show...honestly for awhile I thought she was kinda cool because she was such a bitch to everyone, but this weakness and uselessnes is driving me insane! We wait like...10 eps without her, and she comes back like this?! You would think that after Sasuke rejecting her outright and throwing her away that she would get stronger and be something useful, but this is what we're stuck with...I hope she gets eaten by some kinda of chakra consuming being that just wants her as a battery...she doesn't deserve much better. Maybe Ino will do her little mind-occupation trick again and walk Sakura into some sort of grindy, squishy, gory gear-like death :)

Ok, enuf ranting for me. For the love of GOD I hope 142 is better. It's not good when I start losing track of which are the "plot" eps and which are the "filler" eps.


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