Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Grades

From my last post, my summer session 1 grades haven't posted yet to my student link. Well, I called the registrar's office just now, and it turns out that they're having a "problem" with the system. Apparently, they've tried it twice now, and the system won't "take" the grades. As far as I know, it's just a scantron hooked into a database...which apparently worked fine a month ago at the end of presession.

So someone b0rked quote a professor... "it's the U of A...anything could have happened" :D

Oh, before I forget...I added 2 links to the sidebar: BoxTorrents and the Naruto Eps link. BoxTorrents is like...the coolest bittorrent indexer for complete anime series. They have other stuff too, but it's all anime-related. The other one is where I get my Naruto eps as they get released. They're subbed by Dattebayo, a decent speedsubbing group.


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