Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lineage II C3 and GameGuard

Okay, so I play lineage2 on a private server, and I'm a little pissed that it uses gameguard. Here's why I don't like it...it removes the L2.exe process from the process table (remember windows uses thread-based scheduling, so u can do this) and I lose control over the process. I can't kill it, change priority, peek at the program's memory areas, anything. Can't even look at its handles. And it can do all this even when you aren't running windows as an admin.

So, what did I go and do? I found a patch that prevents the gameguard dll from loading (take that, fuckers) in the first place when the game is loaded. I put the dll on rapidshare (sorry, I would have preferred a direct link, but I don't wanna host it). Just download it, backup the existing nwindow.dll, and replace it in the C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system folder with the one you downloaded.

The download is here: http://rapidshare.de/files/2996541/L2_C3_NoGameGuard.rar.html



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