Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Anybody out there who has read this saga from my (old) webpage can skip ahead a bit. Here's the short backstory:

Awhile back, in September 03 I signed up with T-Mobile for my cell because to put it bluntly, I was getting raped by Verizon. Long story short, I was on a 1 year contract, incredibly unhappy with the service after about 2 months (they made some claims about the coverage that turned out be, well, lies) and was at the T-Mobile store the very day I could cancel the service. Now, I talked to them about this in anticipation of cancelling my service with them, and they told me if I cancelled it on a given day, I wouldn't have to deal with paying another bill, which is nice because they closed my online account that I used to pay the bills when the number ported over. Anyway, another lie, because I got a bill the next month. I raised a bit of a fuss about it, but then when I saw they weren't charging me late fees or anything, I just started throwing the bills away.

--- Those of you following this saga should pick it up here ---

So, today is the day where I just got the bill that officially has made this condition true: they have spent more than $3.46 in postage and paper in the hopes of collecting that much from me. They can't really assess late fees, so they're just wasting their cash (like I'm gonna give them my forwarding address when I move) sending mail that's getting thrown away. Congratulations, T-Mobile, you've given a very pissed off ex-subscriber a good laugh at your expense.

As far as my cellphone is now, I'm with Alltel. I've been pretty satisfied with the service, though there have been issues (I drop calls at home alot, but they refund them without questions) which sometimes make me question my provider. My only real gripe about them is that they need to update their selection of phones! I've been waiting forever for a phone with a non-gimped (read: no OBEX) bluetooth implementation.


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