Thursday, June 23, 2005

My SOC Class / ナルト

Well, once again it got cancelled :) Here's the story: instructor goes to rent movie from Casa Video, already checked out, so she gets the DVD version instead. She lets the DVD copy to VHS overnight (why she doesn't bring the DVD in is beyond me) and doesn't bother to de-macrovision it with a computer first. Well, we all know what macrovision does to the picture, right? So she cancelled class. That's 2 in a row now...I gotta wonder about this class.

Well, this gives me time to catch up on my anime downloads. As I write I'm downloading the latest Naruto ep (140) which I downloaded last night, but forgot to toss it on my laptop. Oh well, I hope at least it will be better than the last one, tho I do enjoy watching that bitch Sakura get psychologically tortured because she's useless ^.^

EDIT: I watched it. Sakura (本当に大きらい) is STILL useless, tho the next ep preview hints to her actually doing something (dying, I hope). I hate it when one character is the sole source of all angst in an anime that was originally supposed to be kinda funny...if anyone is about to watch it, I'll just say this: don't get your hopes up :)


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