Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AMD suing Intel FINALLY!!!

It's about fucking time...

Basically, AMD claims that intel is bullying retailers and OEMs into selling their chips, fucking over their launch events, and even going so far as to make Intel's compiler generate unstable, slow code paths on AMD platforms. The real question is what would happen if M$ were using intel's compiler for Windows and some of the games that are high cpu usage. I eagerly await some benchmarks of this behavior.

All I know is, Linux on AMD64 runs a helluva lot faster than Windows on the same chip. Then again, I'm using gcc to compile the OS itself, optimising for AMD64. We'll just have to wait and see...

I've never willingly bought an Intel processor (in the sense that, to get a Dell laptop, I had to) and I never will. AMD has kicked Intel's ass with the Opteron series among other technical innovations, and Intel is fighting tooth-and-nail to keep stupid people buying a technologically inferior chip. Fuck you Intel. I'll be happy to see you get what you deserve.


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