Sunday, June 19, 2005

ahh sweet darkness...

first off, im not in a mood to use capitalization. be happy you get *some* punctuation! :) nice to have my l33t css back. i had thought i lost it a long time ago (and tried to scramble a new look together after i hosed it) but found my backups of all places. refresh the page if my blog still looks crappy...i just think my blog should reflect how i feel most of the time...and that round cornery multicolored shit just wasn't meshing with that. i still wanna tweak the colors a bit. at some point i may just craft my own css for the blog.

well, things are going good. comcast just redid the entire lineup (minor annoyance) but we got this new thing called azntv (i think) but anyway it's a channel entirely devoted to asian programming. not anime, real tv. ok, anime *is* real tv, but i mean other shit, *besides* anime.

i found a new (free) lineage 2 server to play on ( leave me a comment if you want my ign (in game name, for those of you who are still trying to earn your 1337ness) and talk to me there. if you don't know what lineage 2 is, it's a mmorpg based on the unreal engine (read: awesome 3d graphics) and its alot of fun. this free server has really tweaked levels so it's easier than the official servers.

ok, so i had my first test in my soc class on friday. i memorized a bunch of stuff, studied my ass off for 30 minutes, and didn't need to. the test was easy as shit. i finished the test in like...40 minutes and there were even essay questions. bear in mind that i am in NO way a sociology person, im a computer geek. figuring out how people work is a far stretch from my forte. anyway, it was easy. i still have to come up with a topic (and an abstract) for my term paper for this class. i have no idea what i want to write about. you would think someone who works in obgyn would have no trouble finding a research subject about sex, but i can't think of anything interesting that wouldn't go over the heads of sociology majors (which is no great feat, let me tell ya...these people have the mental wherewithall of fruit bats) and still be intriguing enough to read.

i've been thinking a bit lately about my college career ending. i also happen to be doing laundry, so i have an abundance of time. this is my last class...well, last class here, as an undergrad. i have to wonder if i got the "full" college experience. i didn't party as much as i wanted, i spend the prime times of friday nights in the gould-simpson lab programming, or at home, programming. my social life has been almost nonexistent throughout my college career. all of my employment has been student positions, and all of my friends are off to other places, and better things. so basically, i see it like this: the party is over, i missed out somewhat, i'm quitting all of my jobs, i'll probably never see most of my friends in person again, and i have to re-establish all of the above things. i think about what happened when i moved from california...i left most of my life there behind. sure, some of my friends still keep in touch, but most of them i have no idea what they're up to. i wonder if my life can be fit into a series of chapters in a book, or a collection of short stories. or maybe a bunch of anime series with crossover characters. it seems like there are moments like this in my life where i can make a clean distinction between what used to be, what is, and what will be. in essence, the lines between past, present, and future are clear at times, where any other time, the past blends seamlessly into the future through the present. every major thing in my life is going to end, and i'm going to re-establish this in my life with something new. it's kind of mind blowing really...and kinda depressing too...i'm sure this is like the falloff from senioritis. it's all fun until ya gotta do work :D

and my fucking air conditioning is still broken! what the hell!? they guy came out on friday to fix it and finds something else wrong which takes time to order a new part and blah blah blah...just fix it ya little shit. im fucking hot and it makes me cranky. it's 93.4 degrees in here. the guy claims it will be fixed tomorrow. i doubt that. it's my prerogative to have doubts, and statistically speaking, he's apt to disappoint me again. im from southern california...i don't like to be oustide of 70 +/- 10 degrees...

this is starting to depress me. okay, funny mental image. think of squirrels using a slip-n-slide. if you don't know what a slip-n-slide is...there is no help for you in this world. go seek help and reclaim your childhood. oh, i finally saw dickie roberts on cable the other day. that movie is hilarious...i know its old too, its just one of those movies that ya put on a list of movies to see when they come out on video, and lose it because your hard drive crashed before you could back the file up...also, mr and mrs smith is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. go see it. don't talk about the numerous fight club references in the movie during the movie...its annoying.

this has enough random shit in it, so ima just cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null this time around :)


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