Saturday, June 25, 2005

AC / TEKsystems

First off, my AC is still broken. The company (Alaskan) has postponed the repair again, this time, until Monday morning. Again, I don't expect to see them here Monday morning.

More importantly however, is job search news. Since I no longer wish to have ANY relationship whatsoever with this company due to questionable business practices, I'm going to tell the world what's happened. Teksystems (as far as I can tell it's a service which finds employees for companies at company request) has got to be the WORST staffed company in existence.

Awhile back, I get this email from Travis Pinz of Teksystems asking me if I'm interested in a job doing PHP in Vegas for good pay. He has apparently seen my resume on and thinks I might be a good fit. Now, Vegas isn't my first choice, but what the hell, it's better than Tucson. So I tell him that I want more information on the thing. We coorespond via email for awhile, and finally I take a brainbench test on PHP (this is all being paid for by the client, or teksystems) and complete a programming test (basically, a practical exam on how well I can create a program to meet a specification given to me on paper) which I have to do within 24 hours. I get it done in about 4 hours after all the testing and whatnot and send it off to him via reply email. I send it on a friday, so I give him until Tuesday before I email him to ask what's going on. He claims he hasn't received the source code. So, I re-send it and cc it to myself at my account. I receive it fine, check in a day later, he still hasn't received it. This is starting to get a little suspicious. So I figure he just has a problem with attachments, so I upload the file as a zip to my cs webspace, and send him a link to the file. I check back a day later, he didn't receive any such email. At this point, I'm now pissed. I decide to call him on the phone and read off the link to him, still suspecting he is having problems with email. I call up, and get his machine. I leave a message asking him to call me back, but I never receive a return call from Travis. The next day, I call again, get his machine again and realize he's probably at lunch, so I'll call back later. I call back around 2pm and some woman (I forget her name, just call here the "english woman") picks up the phone for Travis, and states this. I ask her nicely to have Travis give me a call back when he gets back to his desk (he's apparently in a meeting with a "client" and is too busy to take my call at the moment) and give her my contact information, she reads it back to me, all is well. I never hear back from Travis. I call again the next day, this time in the morning, and I get the same woman. I explain how I called yesterday, and did not hear back from Travis, and we go through the same thing with me giving the english woman a message, my contact info, her reading it back, yadda yadda.

About a week ago, I get an email from a David Hyland (also of Teksystems, but in Phoenix, AZ, not Vegas) explaining that he had gotten my contact information from Travis, and wanted to know if I knew anyone who was interested in doing some C# work up in Phoenix. So Travis is too busy to return my calls, but has time to pass my information along to one of his other office coworkers for help? Bad move, bad ethics, Travis. I don't want anything to do with someone possessing so little integrity. If this is just a matter of you having a braindead secretary who can't deliver a message, I apologize, but you appear to have some questionably dealings going on there.

It has now been 2 weeks since I have heard from Travis via email (he has both my gmail and my email addresses, and my work and cell phone numbers) and I've given up on it. If anyone is considering applying for a job where Teksystems is concerned, be very wary of it. These people do not appear to have your best interests in mind when leading you to employment opportunities. If in the event I DO hear from Travis (with a satisfactory explanation for all this shit) I will post that here as well, I wouldn't want to libel someone over a misunderstanding.

Just a heads up, as I know many of my readers are searching for jobs which might lead them the way of Teksystems...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeap, had a similar negative experience with Teksystems here in Toronto, Canada - they are pretty unprofessional.

4/15/2009 5:22 PM  

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