Thursday, June 30, 2005

Last Day

Well, as many of you already know, today is my last day at the hospital as Systems Admin for OBGYN. What sucks most is that now I have to clean all of my tracks off of the systems I've used. Don't want to leave behind anything that could incriminate me later, rite :)

Not that I'm unhappy to leave, mind you...this job was starting to annoy me. I figured giving my notice as of June 30 was appropriate, since I can't work past July 7th anyway (no longer a student) but I wanted a nice round number. I get to go find a REAL job :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alltel and Nokia 6255i

Does anyone know if the bluetooth on this phone is gimped (i.e., only supports headset, or doesn't support certain profiles)? I'm considering upgrading, but I don't want a phone that is crapped out like the Motorola V710. I don't know if the controversy over this was mostly a Verizon issue, if the phone is gimped or the Cell providor gimps it, but I just want a phone and a provider that works.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AMD suing Intel FINALLY!!!

It's about fucking time...

Basically, AMD claims that intel is bullying retailers and OEMs into selling their chips, fucking over their launch events, and even going so far as to make Intel's compiler generate unstable, slow code paths on AMD platforms. The real question is what would happen if M$ were using intel's compiler for Windows and some of the games that are high cpu usage. I eagerly await some benchmarks of this behavior.

All I know is, Linux on AMD64 runs a helluva lot faster than Windows on the same chip. Then again, I'm using gcc to compile the OS itself, optimising for AMD64. We'll just have to wait and see...

I've never willingly bought an Intel processor (in the sense that, to get a Dell laptop, I had to) and I never will. AMD has kicked Intel's ass with the Opteron series among other technical innovations, and Intel is fighting tooth-and-nail to keep stupid people buying a technologically inferior chip. Fuck you Intel. I'll be happy to see you get what you deserve.

Air Conditioning (part 2)

The numbering started yesterday. I know, there were previous posts, but I don't want to renumber them.

The AC people are on my roof right now. After showing up 2 hours and 20 minutes late, that is. I have no idea when I will have working air conditioning. I'll keep everyone updated, but I start shutting things down when it gets to be 100F in here...watercooling systems running at 100F don't function very well, and I am NOT blowing my processor because of these shitheads being unable to fix my AC...

EDIT: IT FINALLY WORKS!!! But...for how long?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Alaskan Air Conditioning (AC Still broken)

So, they were supposed to come out this morning at 7:30 AM and fix the fucking air conditioning. They didn't. Waited around for 2 hours for them, trying to get someone on the phone, and when we finally did, it turns out that there was a "miscommunication" regarding the status of the part needed and the part wasn't DELIVERED last thursday, it was ORDERED last thursday. So now they say they're going to be here tomorrow morning to fix it. Oh, and they're going to "find some way to make it up to us" so that we don't raise a stink about their shitty internal management (does this count?) and play happy customer for them for awhile. Again, I am not getting my hopes of having a working AC up tomorrow...I just know they're going to bungle something else and screw us. Does anyone else see a pattern?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

AC / TEKsystems

First off, my AC is still broken. The company (Alaskan) has postponed the repair again, this time, until Monday morning. Again, I don't expect to see them here Monday morning.

More importantly however, is job search news. Since I no longer wish to have ANY relationship whatsoever with this company due to questionable business practices, I'm going to tell the world what's happened. Teksystems (as far as I can tell it's a service which finds employees for companies at company request) has got to be the WORST staffed company in existence.

Awhile back, I get this email from Travis Pinz of Teksystems asking me if I'm interested in a job doing PHP in Vegas for good pay. He has apparently seen my resume on and thinks I might be a good fit. Now, Vegas isn't my first choice, but what the hell, it's better than Tucson. So I tell him that I want more information on the thing. We coorespond via email for awhile, and finally I take a brainbench test on PHP (this is all being paid for by the client, or teksystems) and complete a programming test (basically, a practical exam on how well I can create a program to meet a specification given to me on paper) which I have to do within 24 hours. I get it done in about 4 hours after all the testing and whatnot and send it off to him via reply email. I send it on a friday, so I give him until Tuesday before I email him to ask what's going on. He claims he hasn't received the source code. So, I re-send it and cc it to myself at my account. I receive it fine, check in a day later, he still hasn't received it. This is starting to get a little suspicious. So I figure he just has a problem with attachments, so I upload the file as a zip to my cs webspace, and send him a link to the file. I check back a day later, he didn't receive any such email. At this point, I'm now pissed. I decide to call him on the phone and read off the link to him, still suspecting he is having problems with email. I call up, and get his machine. I leave a message asking him to call me back, but I never receive a return call from Travis. The next day, I call again, get his machine again and realize he's probably at lunch, so I'll call back later. I call back around 2pm and some woman (I forget her name, just call here the "english woman") picks up the phone for Travis, and states this. I ask her nicely to have Travis give me a call back when he gets back to his desk (he's apparently in a meeting with a "client" and is too busy to take my call at the moment) and give her my contact information, she reads it back to me, all is well. I never hear back from Travis. I call again the next day, this time in the morning, and I get the same woman. I explain how I called yesterday, and did not hear back from Travis, and we go through the same thing with me giving the english woman a message, my contact info, her reading it back, yadda yadda.

About a week ago, I get an email from a David Hyland (also of Teksystems, but in Phoenix, AZ, not Vegas) explaining that he had gotten my contact information from Travis, and wanted to know if I knew anyone who was interested in doing some C# work up in Phoenix. So Travis is too busy to return my calls, but has time to pass my information along to one of his other office coworkers for help? Bad move, bad ethics, Travis. I don't want anything to do with someone possessing so little integrity. If this is just a matter of you having a braindead secretary who can't deliver a message, I apologize, but you appear to have some questionably dealings going on there.

It has now been 2 weeks since I have heard from Travis via email (he has both my gmail and my email addresses, and my work and cell phone numbers) and I've given up on it. If anyone is considering applying for a job where Teksystems is concerned, be very wary of it. These people do not appear to have your best interests in mind when leading you to employment opportunities. If in the event I DO hear from Travis (with a satisfactory explanation for all this shit) I will post that here as well, I wouldn't want to libel someone over a misunderstanding.

Just a heads up, as I know many of my readers are searching for jobs which might lead them the way of Teksystems...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

My SOC Class / ナルト

Well, once again it got cancelled :) Here's the story: instructor goes to rent movie from Casa Video, already checked out, so she gets the DVD version instead. She lets the DVD copy to VHS overnight (why she doesn't bring the DVD in is beyond me) and doesn't bother to de-macrovision it with a computer first. Well, we all know what macrovision does to the picture, right? So she cancelled class. That's 2 in a row now...I gotta wonder about this class.

Well, this gives me time to catch up on my anime downloads. As I write I'm downloading the latest Naruto ep (140) which I downloaded last night, but forgot to toss it on my laptop. Oh well, I hope at least it will be better than the last one, tho I do enjoy watching that bitch Sakura get psychologically tortured because she's useless ^.^

EDIT: I watched it. Sakura (本当に大きらい) is STILL useless, tho the next ep preview hints to her actually doing something (dying, I hope). I hate it when one character is the sole source of all angst in an anime that was originally supposed to be kinda funny...if anyone is about to watch it, I'll just say this: don't get your hopes up :)

Air Conditioning

Alaskan (the company fixing my AC) claims that the part they need to order will be here friday. This is a change from when they said it will take 6-8 weeks. The *claim* they can fix it on friday, just as they *claimed* they'd fix it on Monday. I'm not optimistic; ladies and gentlemen, place your bets :)

So my SOC class got cancelled yesterday. I get all the way to class, and the instructor is like, "does anyone else REALLY not wanna be here today?" and decides to cancel class. She comes in at 5 minutes till start and does this. If she had emailed this out yesterday morning, I wouldn't have come down to campus...although home (with my broken AC) wouldn't have been THAT much more preferable. At least today and tomorrow are "video days" which means I get to sleep thru the class. The syllabus doesn't say what the vids are, so I don't know if I'll actually care enough to watch it, or doze off. I still gotta think up a topic for my paper...the friggin abstract is due tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Anybody out there who has read this saga from my (old) webpage can skip ahead a bit. Here's the short backstory:

Awhile back, in September 03 I signed up with T-Mobile for my cell because to put it bluntly, I was getting raped by Verizon. Long story short, I was on a 1 year contract, incredibly unhappy with the service after about 2 months (they made some claims about the coverage that turned out be, well, lies) and was at the T-Mobile store the very day I could cancel the service. Now, I talked to them about this in anticipation of cancelling my service with them, and they told me if I cancelled it on a given day, I wouldn't have to deal with paying another bill, which is nice because they closed my online account that I used to pay the bills when the number ported over. Anyway, another lie, because I got a bill the next month. I raised a bit of a fuss about it, but then when I saw they weren't charging me late fees or anything, I just started throwing the bills away.

--- Those of you following this saga should pick it up here ---

So, today is the day where I just got the bill that officially has made this condition true: they have spent more than $3.46 in postage and paper in the hopes of collecting that much from me. They can't really assess late fees, so they're just wasting their cash (like I'm gonna give them my forwarding address when I move) sending mail that's getting thrown away. Congratulations, T-Mobile, you've given a very pissed off ex-subscriber a good laugh at your expense.

As far as my cellphone is now, I'm with Alltel. I've been pretty satisfied with the service, though there have been issues (I drop calls at home alot, but they refund them without questions) which sometimes make me question my provider. My only real gripe about them is that they need to update their selection of phones! I've been waiting forever for a phone with a non-gimped (read: no OBEX) bluetooth implementation.

Monday, June 20, 2005

New Skype

I'm tired of my old skype name (actually, nobody could remember it), so I created a new one. My new skype name is UberGeekPyro. Please make a note of it.

Oh, and I got my test back from last friday...50/50, w00t for me :)

EDIT: my A/C is still broken, as I expected :(. The fuckers at Alaskan want 6-8 weeks to order the part...I hope they burn in hell (would that be ironic or what?)


Sunday, June 19, 2005

ahh sweet darkness...

first off, im not in a mood to use capitalization. be happy you get *some* punctuation! :) nice to have my l33t css back. i had thought i lost it a long time ago (and tried to scramble a new look together after i hosed it) but found my backups of all places. refresh the page if my blog still looks crappy...i just think my blog should reflect how i feel most of the time...and that round cornery multicolored shit just wasn't meshing with that. i still wanna tweak the colors a bit. at some point i may just craft my own css for the blog.

well, things are going good. comcast just redid the entire lineup (minor annoyance) but we got this new thing called azntv (i think) but anyway it's a channel entirely devoted to asian programming. not anime, real tv. ok, anime *is* real tv, but i mean other shit, *besides* anime.

i found a new (free) lineage 2 server to play on ( leave me a comment if you want my ign (in game name, for those of you who are still trying to earn your 1337ness) and talk to me there. if you don't know what lineage 2 is, it's a mmorpg based on the unreal engine (read: awesome 3d graphics) and its alot of fun. this free server has really tweaked levels so it's easier than the official servers.

ok, so i had my first test in my soc class on friday. i memorized a bunch of stuff, studied my ass off for 30 minutes, and didn't need to. the test was easy as shit. i finished the test in like...40 minutes and there were even essay questions. bear in mind that i am in NO way a sociology person, im a computer geek. figuring out how people work is a far stretch from my forte. anyway, it was easy. i still have to come up with a topic (and an abstract) for my term paper for this class. i have no idea what i want to write about. you would think someone who works in obgyn would have no trouble finding a research subject about sex, but i can't think of anything interesting that wouldn't go over the heads of sociology majors (which is no great feat, let me tell ya...these people have the mental wherewithall of fruit bats) and still be intriguing enough to read.

i've been thinking a bit lately about my college career ending. i also happen to be doing laundry, so i have an abundance of time. this is my last class...well, last class here, as an undergrad. i have to wonder if i got the "full" college experience. i didn't party as much as i wanted, i spend the prime times of friday nights in the gould-simpson lab programming, or at home, programming. my social life has been almost nonexistent throughout my college career. all of my employment has been student positions, and all of my friends are off to other places, and better things. so basically, i see it like this: the party is over, i missed out somewhat, i'm quitting all of my jobs, i'll probably never see most of my friends in person again, and i have to re-establish all of the above things. i think about what happened when i moved from california...i left most of my life there behind. sure, some of my friends still keep in touch, but most of them i have no idea what they're up to. i wonder if my life can be fit into a series of chapters in a book, or a collection of short stories. or maybe a bunch of anime series with crossover characters. it seems like there are moments like this in my life where i can make a clean distinction between what used to be, what is, and what will be. in essence, the lines between past, present, and future are clear at times, where any other time, the past blends seamlessly into the future through the present. every major thing in my life is going to end, and i'm going to re-establish this in my life with something new. it's kind of mind blowing really...and kinda depressing too...i'm sure this is like the falloff from senioritis. it's all fun until ya gotta do work :D

and my fucking air conditioning is still broken! what the hell!? they guy came out on friday to fix it and finds something else wrong which takes time to order a new part and blah blah blah...just fix it ya little shit. im fucking hot and it makes me cranky. it's 93.4 degrees in here. the guy claims it will be fixed tomorrow. i doubt that. it's my prerogative to have doubts, and statistically speaking, he's apt to disappoint me again. im from southern california...i don't like to be oustide of 70 +/- 10 degrees...

this is starting to depress me. okay, funny mental image. think of squirrels using a slip-n-slide. if you don't know what a slip-n-slide is...there is no help for you in this world. go seek help and reclaim your childhood. oh, i finally saw dickie roberts on cable the other day. that movie is hilarious...i know its old too, its just one of those movies that ya put on a list of movies to see when they come out on video, and lose it because your hard drive crashed before you could back the file up...also, mr and mrs smith is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. go see it. don't talk about the numerous fight club references in the movie during the movie...its annoying.

this has enough random shit in it, so ima just cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null this time around :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Well, I'm taking SOC-324 for summer. It's my LAST class EVER at the UA...and a perfect class too...Sociology of Sexuality. I could not have come up with a more fun class to take over the summer. Expecially given its my last class EVER! The bulk of hte grade is a research paper, but I can bullshit my way thru this one like every other paper I've had to write. Some of the readings for the course are kind of funny too. The videos (so far) are...uh, kinda gross. We had to watch this one vid about a bunch of dudes talking about their dicks. I seriously hope there are some vids that GUYS will want to watch later on...otherwise I may hafta just bring in a porno on my laptop ;)

You know you're weird when you joke about watching porn in class, but are dead serious about skipping class to watch anime so you know what happens 2 hours before everyone else...

On the plus side tho, the class is mostly female. hehe...

Anyway, I finally found a replacement for me at work, so now all my users aren't up shit creek without a paddle as they all assumed they would be after I left. Now to find myself a permanent job...I can't wait to get the fuck out of Tucson. I swear to god this place is's been 100+ degrees outside...SHIT

Did I mention this is my last class EVER??? Oh yea, I did :)

OH I almost forgot (well, actually, I did forget, this is an edit). I went to see the newest starwars was PATHETIC. WAY overhyped, nowhere near as good a movie as it was hyped up to be. I'd have rather watched a documentary on the real StarWars project (ask someone who was alive during the Reagan administration if you're lost).

Monday, June 06, 2005

Been awhile

So I haven't posted in awhile. Well, I'm still alive much to some peope's chagrin...

Anyway, I just finished the easiest class I've ever taken (for reason's unspecified on a public forum, talk to me of you want details as to *why* it was so easy...) and got an A in it. Just one more class to go and I'm done...I can't wait...

In other news, with summer school back in full swing, nobody will be able to find a parking space anywhere on campus again, and the fucking construction up here at the hospital isn't helping. They just keep rippin gup parking lots to put in new buildings and useless "aestetic" features which don't even look pleasing, yet serve no useful function. My question for the parking people is, "if you keep tearing up parking lots for new buildings, where are the ppl that work in those buildings going to park?" I have to wonder if anyone is thinking...ever.

Oh, did I mention my windows partition got fried, and that I had to reinstall it from scratch? I can't even begin to describe how much fun *that* was...but to make things just that much more fun for me, installing windows TRASHES the mbr, so I have to go to some length to get grub reinstalled to the mbr so I can boot my linux partition again.