Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star wars mania

Okay, I've read a total of 16 of my friends' blogs this morning, having something to do with star wars. Now, I accept that the star wars obsession among my friends is a direct consequence of hanging out with ALOT of computer science people, but jesus tapdancing christ people, it's *just* a movie. A work of fiction. No more, no less.

When they announce the Turing awards, or the Nobel prizes, or something that has an impact on the day to day life of normal people... *then* you can argue about it on your blogs and have a (more or less) intelligent discussion, but please...don't contribute to the eventual heat death of the universe (and giving me a headache) by wasting compute cycles bitching about movies.

I'm gonna wait till this comes out on DVD...or just download it. I'm not putting up money to play into this manic obsession.


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