Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sheer idiocy

So I get this email just now from one of the "non-technical" personnel on my network at work:

[morally-devoid doc] looking frantically for you.
Error message – “Non system disk error”
(I ejected the floppy disk for her…..)
Okay, if you get the reference from my other blog, go get urself a have an iq above 30. Yeah, same person. I have to say I think this is karma, or divine punishment of some sort. Maybe every time she..well, I dun wanna gross anyone out or open up a debate that won't ever end.. "does what she does" she loses some brain cells in a "law of equal exchange" (yes, its a FMA reference...) sorta deal. I just wish it weren't finals week...I would still be on the floor laughing.

Well, actually, I probably would have grossly exaggerated the problem and told her it would take at least a week to fix...just to keep an idiot away from a computer for awhile... Tech people need something like the sex offender list...people who have been judged by the courts to be untrustable around computers. C'mon...we all know someone like this...

Haven't computers been boot-barfing on floppies since...the beginning? Some people...


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