Thursday, May 26, 2005

More blogger problems...

Well, it looks like the search thingee at the top of the blog page doesn't work for shit. I wish they would hammer these problems out before forcing you to put it at the top of your page...


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More on the idiocy of star wars fans...

From /. Click the link above. Just another example of the sheer stupidity induced by Star Wars fans. Too bad they didn't make a video of it though...this and the "star wars kid" video would be funny cut together...

Darwinism in action.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star wars mania

Okay, I've read a total of 16 of my friends' blogs this morning, having something to do with star wars. Now, I accept that the star wars obsession among my friends is a direct consequence of hanging out with ALOT of computer science people, but jesus tapdancing christ people, it's *just* a movie. A work of fiction. No more, no less.

When they announce the Turing awards, or the Nobel prizes, or something that has an impact on the day to day life of normal people... *then* you can argue about it on your blogs and have a (more or less) intelligent discussion, but please...don't contribute to the eventual heat death of the universe (and giving me a headache) by wasting compute cycles bitching about movies.

I'm gonna wait till this comes out on DVD...or just download it. I'm not putting up money to play into this manic obsession.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

oooh i forgot

The Linux driver for my laptop's wireless card just got RFMON support!!! It's an Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG. Now I can use all the fun tools i got used to with the old B only prism2 adapter I have.

I suppose I could have put this on the last post...owel, I'm too lazy!

Finally some free time...

Aight, this is gonna b really random, so u've been warned. :)

Well, first thing is I made some changes to my blog. I tired of the old layout, so I changed it. It will take some time before I hack the crap out of the CSS to my liking, but it will look cool eventually. I'm still fighting with the code.

Anyway, I'm just killing time at this point. I'm sitting at work doing nothing because nobody needs anything. I don't know whether to love or hate days like this...I mean, the silence is nice, but I'm not gettin paid to sit on my ass all day, so iono. I kinda wanna go back home and play Lineage II some more. The game is fucking addictive...especially playerkilling.

Oh, and the new PSU for my desktop should be here today. I ordered it on Tuesday from newegg. It's an Antec TruePower 2.0 550 watt beast with dual 12v rails...*drool*.

WHy is is that cartoon network sees the need to censor the fact that Motoko Kusanagi doesn't *always* wear conservative clothing...when the ending sequence shows her clearly without a shirt on? I get that they have to censor some stuff, but come consistent. At least the old days of DBZ xlation fuckups are I have to watch them rape and burn GITS:SAC...sad, really.

Ima get rid of my other blog. I'll just gripe about work on this one. I don't wanna keep 2 blogs running. Its a pain in the ass.

Ya ever see a music video that's so annoying that you want to hop into it and just open fire on anything that moves? I swear if I had an easily accessible gun I'd have shot my TV this morning.

Oh, I've been to Ben's since my last encounter there. I guess the waitress was just an incompetent idiot, because when I went there with my CS team, the service was pretty decent...well, I had to send a burger back because part of the bun was still frozen, but...meh...i can put up with that if I have a beer in my hand. The oatmeal sounding beer they have sucks major ass. Don't order it.

I have no idea in hell how I got 29.5/30 on my CS project. It's kinda ironic that the prof went thru 3 weeks of lectures on testing and clearly didnt do ne on our project. There are iono how many easily reproducible bugs with the system. Shit that would occur naturally. The dumbshit prolly just walked thru the docs on the sys and tested the canned shit we had ready. Lucky, sad, whatever. I'm done with it :)

I really really really really really really really really really hate Tucson. I need to get a job in SoCal...seriously. I've gotten like, 4 interview requests for jobs and Tucson from monster alone. That pisses me off.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fuckin' w00t bi0tch :)

I passed algorithms! With a C even. Up until now my attitude on the class was "I don't care what I get as long as it's passing" which despite not being very good, was good enough for me given the type of class it was. I am not at all math-oriented as far as theory classes are concerned. I don't care that something runs in O(|V| log |E|) time, nor do I have any desire to prove it outside of "it's written in C, dumbass...just cut, paste, gcc, time ./a.out" type of runtime testing.

Well, anyway, now I can say that the semester is officially over. The scoreboard tallys to B:3, C:1. Not that I'm bothered by the B's at this late stage in the game...this semester was too much hell to worry about perfection.

Now I can take that big fucking book back and get some money back...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sheer idiocy

So I get this email just now from one of the "non-technical" personnel on my network at work:

[morally-devoid doc] looking frantically for you.
Error message – “Non system disk error”
(I ejected the floppy disk for her…..)
Okay, if you get the reference from my other blog, go get urself a have an iq above 30. Yeah, same person. I have to say I think this is karma, or divine punishment of some sort. Maybe every time she..well, I dun wanna gross anyone out or open up a debate that won't ever end.. "does what she does" she loses some brain cells in a "law of equal exchange" (yes, its a FMA reference...) sorta deal. I just wish it weren't finals week...I would still be on the floor laughing.

Well, actually, I probably would have grossly exaggerated the problem and told her it would take at least a week to fix...just to keep an idiot away from a computer for awhile... Tech people need something like the sex offender list...people who have been judged by the courts to be untrustable around computers. C'mon...we all know someone like this...

Haven't computers been boot-barfing on floppies since...the beginning? Some people...


This class is gonna fucking kill me...

I've got 8 more hours to study (been thru 4 already) and I feel no more confident about this exam than I did when I woke up this morning! Why in the hell did I take this class!?!?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

New Computer Case!!!

I got a CoolerMaster Cavalier 3 for my 1337 b0x. Check it out: Oh, and that's the watercooling setup on the top of the case :)

EDIT: The image is using too much bandwidth. Click the link above or click here if you want to see it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

w00t! n0 m0r3 sk001

The semester is finally over! Now to worry about finals...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I have several gmail accounts. One of them always comes back with "server error" where the other ones work fine. I can even POP my gmail from the odd account.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Something fun I pulled offa slashdot

I just found this on slashdot and found it amusing. Original article link above. Might wanna give it some time to recover from the slashdot effect before ya try to read it.

Qrio: "Your alloted time period to posses the violet spheroid has expired, human child. Qrio requests you initialize sharing subroutine."
Jeffy: "No! it's mine!"
Qrio: "Repeat request to initialize sharing subroutine."
Jeffy: "No! Go away!"
Qrio: "Call to sharing subroutine failed with unspecified error. Executing threat function."
Jeffy: "Huh?"
Jeffy: "Waaaahhhhhhhhhh!"
Suzie: "You're mean, robot man! You made Jeffy cry!" {SHOVE}
Qrio: "Detected balancing error....executing stand subroutine...stand subroutine failed...executing lie-on-back-helplessly function."
Children: "Hhahahhahhahhahhaha {KICK}{KICK}
Qrio: Error iin funfjjkejf93442[r-4r::;L0:...NO CARRIER

Skype weirdness

Why do I keep getting authorization requests from random people with the following text:


In chinese? It's getting reeeealy irritating. If it were Japanese, maybe I would talk to these ppl, but is this a standard chinese greeting or just spam?