Sunday, April 10, 2005

Damn I've been lazy

Wow. I need to post more often. Well, actually I've been kinda busy lately, so I haven't posted recently. Well, this post is actually going to be a bit back-dated, so it doesn't look like I'm *quite* so lazy :)

Anyway, I've been working on my network at home. Since I find out that WEP can be cracked in less than 3 minutes using a variety of techniques, I decide to move my home network AP1 (its a WAP54G) from 128-bit WEP to WPA. Given that I don't wanna deal with RADIUS, I just used a PSK with TKIP. Not the best, but better than WEP. So the "alleged father" bought the cheapest wireless card he could get his hands on awhile back. Not suprisingly, it only supports WEP. Oh, and just to make things fun, *his* company doesn't support Windows XP or Linux, or something with decent WPA support, just Windows 2000. For christ sake, my fucking Axim supports WPA using TKIP natively (well, it supports everything when I toss Linux on it and use wpa_supplicant, but that's for another time) and even supports WPA-PSK/AES with the Odyssey client...even Cisco LEAP/PEAP stuff works on that thing... Anyway, he throws a big shit fit because all of the sudden, he's the *only* one who can't get online. I have no idea why I put up with these people. I'm going to laugh my ass off when I move out and none of them can put this network back together. No way in hell I'm leaving my Linux router or any of my other servers behind...

My PVR project has also suffered catastrophic failure. The machine I'm running it on (or wanted to anyway) is too underpowered to run MythTV with decent quality, and I don't want to buy another card with a hardware MPEG2 encoder on board. I'm not buying any more TV cards. Well, that's a lie...I'm gonna buy an HDTV wonder sometime in June before they start making them with support for that retarded broadcast bit flag thing...I can already see this is a DMCA nightmare just waiting to happen, and I'd rather not have to take a soldering iron to a PCB just so I can do as I please with my hardware that I've purchased.

(aside) For those of you not in the loop, the broadcast flag in HDTV content could effectively prevent you from using your TV to record the content, thusly preventing things like recording it on a timer (so you don't HAVE to stay up till 2 AM to catch a show) or skipping commercials, and even "live TV" capability altogether. But, the big studios have money, and they've purchased several people in our government to keep in their pockets, so now EE's will be able to get girlfriends again by modding TV's to break broadcast flags. Actually, more likely software guys will get girls because the fix is much easier to break by snooping the framebuffer on a computer with one of these HDTV cards...well, it won't be a problem with PCIX, but AGP will definitely have an issue with that kind of traffic on the bus.

Anyway (damn I have a short attention span!) I scrapped the idea for now, and just put XP on one of my older machines I had laying around. Gotta give props to Black Viper ( for his awesome XP services guide. At least it can use the MPEG encoder on my old 8500DV. Oh, yes...MythTV (well, Linux in general) has a problem with the driver for the 8500DV because it doesn't completely implement the V4L API like the bttv driver does for my TVWonder and that Hauppage (how the fuck do ya pronounce that!?) card I have laying around. 3-tuner Linux PVR would have been nice, but...I guess its back to driver writing for me if I want this to work :(

So I try it with the ATI sotfware, which is ya know, decent for what I'm gonna use a TV for, but I lost my original disk! So I can't install the program guide component of my setup. After an hour on the phone with ATI who told me I can either give them more money or just take it up the tailpipe and put up with using TVGuide or some hacked together xmltv solution with no TV integration. How nice... So I grabbed a copy of ShowShifter (from their website, completely legal! Really! *looks around for TLA's*) Aside from some minor bugs in the program guide and some speed issues, its a nice piece of software. They're system requirements for the software are seriously inflated though. I'm running it with nice sucess using a P3-500/256M PC100 with a Radeon 8500DV. They almost turned me off the software because my PVR machine didn't meet the req's for the application. The cool thing is, I don't need any of the ATI software to run ShowShifter...even the remote works. Needless to say I'm pretty impressed with it. Check it out if you have the time.

Oh, and I also found out that my OpenVPN certificate expired at home. Now I need to regenerate my cert so I can connect to my work VPN again...I wonder if anyone else has certs that are gonna expire soon...well, as long as they expire after June 30th...hehe

Ok, I'm done. I'll edit if I left anything out.


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