Thursday, April 21, 2005


This week has been (and still is) an unholy fucking nightmare! I woke up this morning, and had this urge to beat the shit out of a hobo. Don't ask me why I want to direct my rage at's a long story. I need to write more often...I can't remember shit.

Monday. I had a quiz in japanese which I know I fucked...hard. Homework too, which didn't get done. Not to mention my second draft of my essay was due...also in japanese. Fuck. Then I had to get some work done for my 436 project. It gets worse. I had to stay on campus until 11 at fucking night to get my algorithms homework done. Of course the 3 pages attached to the main page with my solutions to the last 3 problems got lost, so I have to do those over and run them to the TA's office hours. Grr...

Tuesday. Went to work at my "other" job. Boring as shit, and I don't reeeealy wanna talk about it. Again a quiz in japanese. Didn't do well on this one either. Actually, I didn't do this one at all. I just plain didn't feel like doing it after the night I'd had. Fine. This is all well and good, because now I've got to make tracks to my 436 class (zzz) and then run across campus to my algorithms class to turn in my homework. I had a shitload of work to do, so I skipped the 436 meeting. So at work I've got 2 new computers that have just arrived, and an extra monitor. The monitor was a complete duh, no sweat there. The next was a new computer (a PC) for a lifelong (well, worklife anyway) crapintosh user. Everything went off without a hitch. Except for the one thing which the users can't seem to live without...their email and addresses. This isn't too unreasonable, I's a pain in the ass even for me to remember everyone's email address. So I figure I'll set her up with Thunderbird/Firefox; my preferred internet duo. I get all the shit set up and go to export the email on her mac. Well, she's using entourage. The fucking program has no way to export email. I figure I might as well just export the addresses for now and deal with the emails later. So I export the addresses, and nothing on the PC will read the things because the mac is a motherfucking piece of shit! I decide to wait on that and try to get the emails across. I figure I'll load em into her UA email account via IMAP, but of course...she has WAY too much shit to put her WAY over quota. So there is no simple way to get this shit installed and set up. I grep google for over an hour, and everything I find doesn't do dick unless you pay for it. I just need to use it ONCE. I never plan to use any of this shit again...just once. I put the addresses on hold and decide to set up an unquota'd IMAP server on my desktop at work. It's already 5:30, so I lock up and go home. At this point I need to work on my 436 assignment, so I do that until about 1 AM and go to bed.

Wednesday. I wake up with a splitting headache...I can already tell that this is not going to be a good day. Well, at least I don't have to go to my "other" job for another few weeks. I get into work kinda early, so I get back to work on the mail problem. I fight with the IMAP setup for a few hours, and give up to get back to it later. I go to Japanese class. Another quiz, another shitty grade. Yeah, whatever...old news. I've checked out...we just finished chapter 10. No more new stuff to learn. Fan-fucking-tastic. Good news though brand fucking new GeForce 6600GT arrived via FedEx. So I ran over to the hospital and pick the thing up from my office. Well...I knew I didn't have time to go home anyway and play with it, but anyone who knows me knows how I am with new tech. Anyway, I have to run back down to campus post haste to get to networking class. We get an assignment due next Wednesday, and find out that, oh, there's a test on wednesday too. In addition to the incredibly difficult assignment already due Friday. Great. Well, class over, so I go back to work to work in the IMAP problem some more. I have to get back to campus for a 5pm meeting to work on the networking assignment with my teammate on the assignment. We decide to hit Pei Wei for some food. We work on networking until 9pm for the 436 meeting...we get nowhere, long story short. I don't get home until midnight, and decide I can spare about 20 minutes to play Doom 3 on my new card. Well, hard drive is having problems, so I had to spend a good 2 hours fixing this from teh recovery console. At this point I'm just too fucking tired, so I go to bed.

Thursday (today, kinda). I get up, and I'm too fucking wrecked to even walk. I get a shower, somehow end up at work with serious caffeine withdrawal, and decide to take the morning off while I get some sleep in the medical library at the hospital. Well, people won't stop calling me on my cell, so I give up on that after an hour. I print up the notes I need for my 436 test, and head off to my Japanese class. More homework due that I ignore because I just don't have time for it. At least there wasn't a quiz... Anyway, I get through that class somehow, and BOMB my 436 test. Fucking hell. After this, I have to almost scream at my 436 team because I am NOT going to go to another 9pm meeting. I'm just not. So I skip algorithms as usual, and head back to work to resume work on my IMAP problem. I'm there for all of 20 minutes before I get a call from one of my bosses telling me that one of the users is pissed and complaining because like everyone else she thinks she deserves to be prioritized above everyone else because she's too rough with her laptop and a key fell off, and things are taking too long because the CATS have kicked back 2 IBFs with wrong amounts on them...amounts that THEY quoted me. So, I finally get somewhere with my IMAP problem...logins now work. I can't create mailboxes now for some reason...I'm using cyrus4 if anyone has suggestions. So I think I need to play with the ACLs for the login. Why can't there be an IMAP server that can just be pointed at a mbox or maildir containing directory and just fucking WORK??? This is linux...there should be simple tools for things like this. Well, 5pm comes around, and I am going the hell home. Turns out today is my alleged father's birthday. I only remember it because my Citibank bill is due on the 21st of the month. So I waste about an hour shopping with my mother looking for a gift for him. Eventually, she decides to just stiff him...something I had planned to do from the beginning. The bastard can kiss my ass if he thinks he's getting anything from me. Maybe for my birthday he'll just off himself. Anyway, finally get home, get some work done on my 436 project, and get even more bad news. Well, the instructor (for networking) realizes the problem with the framework we have to implement our program in. We get an extension until monday for the assignment, but we have to do more work. How nice. I finally get around to playing some Doom 3 with my new video card. I love this game all over again.

Friday (now). Well, I had originally planned to ditch japanese today. We get 5 freebie absences which don't count against us, and I might as well use them if nothing is due and we're just fucking off in class anyway. Well, turns out that we're getting our oral exams scheduled, so now I have to go, or I get another 7 am slot for my interview like last time. At least this time I have my good friend Jack (if you don't get this one, ask me) to help me out with my Japanese. If the bottle lasts that long, that is... At least on Fridays we get the nice looking sensei :)

So, that about wraps it up. My life is falling apart around me, and I don't have time to fix the problems that are cropping up minute by minute, let alone the ones that need to be fixed so I can resist the urge to wail on indigents. The next freeloading asshole hobo that asks me for anything is gonna run in fear of my mental state. I think I feel frustrated right now, but that is one hell of a fucking understatement.


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