Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This sucks...I have a quiz in Japanese at 11, a test in my 436 class at 12:30, and a test in 445 at 2. Fscking wonderful, huh?

To compound the problem, my prof for 445 is useless. I went to a study session for it last night, thinking "okay, some ppl complained about him, maybe he'll try harder to teach effectively". Yeah...right. Most people left the session in the middle. He goes through this one question which he says will be similar to one on the test, and it takes him an hour to explain it to us, and he already knows the fscking answer! How in the hell are we expected to be able to do this on a test given our time limits??? I really hope they can this guy...

UPDATE: Well, the tests totally kicked my ass. My 436 test wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I'll be lucky if I manage to get a C on that exam. The 445 exam...well, I'll be lucky if I get radix(score) > 1 && isCurved() == true, if ya get my drift. On a more positive note, my Networking class is seriously curved...I have a 60 percent in the class which is a B-. Yatta!


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