Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yeah, I know...this is the second post in less than an hour. My computer at home has been a I had to remember things before I write about them.

Anyway, why do people stereotype? It seems kinda screwed up to make assumptions based on appearance like that. Okay, so I decide to go to McDonalds for breakfast before I get down to work. I walk in, and the flunkie behind the counter is like "you ready for the game?" I ask him what the hell he's talking about, and he's talking about some kind of UA sports game...I don't follow sports. Now, the guy asks me this because I just happen to be wearing a UA sweatshirt.

This begs the question; if he can assume that I'm remotely interested in sports because I'm a college student, or at least appear to be one based upon the way I'm dressed, can I feel safe in the assumption that because McDonalds just happens to hire the mentally challenged, that he must be mentally challenged also?

Really makes ya wonder sometimes...


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