Monday, March 21, 2005

More on tests

Well, inevitably, spring break has I'm back at school, working my ass off again. Not that any of my instructors would give anyone a break so we have time to sober up and get back into the "school mode"... first day back, 2 quizzes in Japanese...this does not bode well.

At any rate, I was looking at the grade distribution for my 445 class. The lowest score was a 50! So, unless he removed outliers (and I'm one of them) I got at least a 50. I seriously hope I didn't get the lowest score in the class, but at least this won't be utterly fatal to my grade in the class as I had once thought. Even if I scrape by with a D in this class, I just want to get it over with.

I'm almost hesitant to get my grade back on that test...I know that denying the test ever happened won't do any good, but at the same time I don't really want to know just how badly I did on it. I'll get my 436 test back tomorrow too, but that one falls under the same category...

Oh! and I finally figured out my summer classes (yay, almost done!) that will finish off my degree. It's kinda funny, really...I'm taking a web-delivered music class over presession, and my token fun class, a sociology class on sex (hehe) for session 1. It should be fun, provided I don't end up in one of those classes whereas the instructor hates me because I don't happen to be the same gender she is...

I just want to survive this semester...I need to graduate...


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