Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gentoo...on my shitlist?

Well, the day I thought would never come, has. Gentoo has pissed me off. I really do swear by this lets me have a minimal, no fluff system that I can optimize the shit out of. It's package management (well, not really packages, per se) system is superb...usually...

So it starts about 8 months ago...I get this brilliant idea that while I'm trying to get my kernel and my sound card (an Audigy) to cooperate, I should install ccache, as I'm gonna be recompiling the kernel...alot. Now, all is working well, for the most part, only minor gripes with the sound card and some of the hardware on my amd64 box not working quite right because of my half-assed attempts to correct people who think that an int *always* has ONLY 32 driver code. Some minor software glitches, nothing to get upset about...

...until last night. I start out trying to compile the latest version of python...normally a trivial task. Midway thru the ./configure, I get "C++ compiler cannot create executables". At this point, I'm wondering what the hell is wrong with the ebuild for python. Just to be sure before I harass someone about it, I try it myself with a small c++ test program I wrote: "/usr/lib/i forget the rest/ is a directory". What??? At this point, I'm thinking, "the hell with it, I'll just rebuild and reinstall gcc and be done with it" so I can go to sleep. 10 minutes later, gcc is rebuild, gcc-config is run, all that shit checks out, but still no working c++ compiler. So now I'm thinking, "okay, pull out the stops, reboot to my install CD, softlink my gcc setup into my chroot, enter it, and rebuild the toolchain" easy, right? Wrong. All that shit went fine...the emerge system went off without any errors. I reboot to the partition, same error. I spend about 6 hours reading through manpages, searching google, screaming at the computer, bashing my head into the fscking I'm desperate.

I decide to just rm everything on the system that's part of my compiler toolchain. This is just to make me feel better, I don't actually expect to fix my system with gratuitous deletions... So now my system is totally broken. Yipee. I do feel better though. Now I have to rebuild the toolchain. I figure, "what the hell, been through this once already" and go for it. No time lost, I was just watching South Park anyway. Made me wonder if my computer caught a hippie somewhere along the way... If you live in Tucson, you know when South Park is on Wednesday night...and I missed the first showing. This fixes the whole problem...

So, all this shit leaves me to wonder...should gentoo be shitlisted for this one? It shouldn't take 6 hours of work to fix something this minor... As a result of all this, I was up all night fixing my system. Something that, if I didn't like gentoo so much, would have been trivial with something like Fedora.

(On the positive side, however, upgrading my kernel to 2.6.11r3 seems to have fixed the skippyness on my sound card, so I can stop dicking around with alsa finally)

Still waiting for gcc4 to be working on amd64...if any of the ebuild's maintainers are reading this...I don't care if it's beta/alpha/sell my soul/whatever...its gcc4! I want it!


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