Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The last 3 days have been hell...literally. It starts out Sunday night. I have a program due on Monday for my networking class. I start it late Sunday night, because I figure it won't take me too long; I've written alot of network code, and alot of the assignment is cut and paste from the last one. I don't get much done, because I spend too much time working on my software engineering project, for which I have a demo due in class on Tuesday. Anyway, I get the client portion of the networking program done save a few bugs Monday night, and go to bed because I have a ton of shit to do on Tuesday. Tuesday wasn't much better. The demo went off without a hitch and all, but I stayed up until 1 in the morning working on my networking assignment...which I still didn't get finished because C has to be a bitch about strings. Today, I was dead. I had a Japanese test this morning at 11, which...ok, basically, every test this woman gives gets harder and longer (stop snickering) every chapter and the time constraints get worst because she screws things up and has to explain them over and over...ugh. It gets worse. I had a networking exam AND homework due at 2, which I barely eeked by. I just finished the networking homework finally, and I STILL have to write up documentation for my part of the software engineering project. Fuck!


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