Monday, March 28, 2005

Comcast again

I just got this email from Comcast, saying that because they love me soooo much *cough* *laugh* *spit beer out nose* they want to give me this real rhapsody service thing...for free. I liked spinner before it whored itself out for advertising space, so I figure, why the hell not...

Suprisingly, the service is pretty good. I can listen to uncensored stand-up comedy, which is really all I want to listen to the radio for anyway when I'm at home. If I want hits, I can listen in the car, ya know? It didn't even slam me with spyware, only a helper application that, when killed, the app still runs ok.

I'm just shocked as shit that Comcast is paying (well, maybe, that one's up in the air still) for me to have a decent service because I use them as an ISP.

Anyone else had experiences, good or bad with this service? It feels like an iTunes/ITMS clone, but who knows...not like I'm ever gonna buy music anyway.


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